zaterdag 3 december 2011

Crafting with Kasper

Crafting with Kasper (our puppy that's not really puppy sized anymore) is a challenge! Really, I should be earning bonus points from somewhere just for managing to finish any card when he's with me. I have one of those large black leather chairs with weels under it at my desk/crafting area, and Kasper loves walking under my legs. What's the problem? I hear you think. Well... Kasper is a seven month old Labrador Retriever. He doens't fit under my legs anymore. AT ALL. And since my chair has weels under it... he can actually take me for a ride around the room. Which he does. Often :)

So all this to introduce two simple cards, because that's what happens when Kasper is with me when I'm crafing ;). This first will probably go to one of my four nieces...
And this one is after one of Britta's quick and easy holiday cards. I didn't actually make it a holiday card because I don't have any christmassy paterned paper (yet) but I wanted to try out the design for my mom, since (as I told you before) she'll be making her own cards (with me :)) and this one is very manageable for non crafing mothers.
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