vrijdag 18 november 2011

problems and solutions

So, last week my mom (yes, you mom!) suggested she still needed Xmas cards. I know, I can hear you thinking all the way to Belgium; 'What is she thinking, having to start making Xmas cards in November? That's suicide!'

(Her) solution? She'll help me make them!
Problem: She's not exactly a crafter, so I need a simple design
Solution: Use a simple stamp, color and done!
Problem; The one I picked is fun, but quite small
Upside: Less effort to make the cards
Downside: Since the stamp is small... the card is small
Upside: You don't have to write much to fill a small card, perfect to send to people you don't know (or like) too much
Downside: I will never be able to send out this card, because now the person receiving it will think I don't like them

Ok, enough thinking, time to show you what I've been blabing about :)
 And since this is a very very simple card, I added some glossy accents to make it shine
So mom, what do you think ;)

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