woensdag 2 februari 2011


I don't have a (video) camera, so it's a haul picture instead of a haul video, oh well :)

I have the greatest excuse ever to buy a lot of goodies ;) I have to order from the States and have to pay shipping costs with every order, sooooo, it's best to buy a lot at the same time, right:)

Anyway, this is what I got
All Hero Arts, of course ;). Most stamp are from the latest catalog (which I looooooooove), except for the clear stamp set second from the left and the wood stamp with the two love birds. Aaaaand I got those 'famous' uni-ball white gel pens, and let me tell you, they're good! no, that's not true, they're great! I tested one on shiny wrapping paper (a normal gel pen would be running away screaming for it's mother at this point) and it worked!!

Can't wait to break all my new stuff in!!!

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