zaterdag 22 januari 2011

I had a playdate :)

A good friend (I've know her for ever and longer :)) of mine lives in the States. She came to visit yesterday and we made cards together (well actually, we both made one card in about three hours). It was so much fun! I actually got to talk to someone else than myself (or my dog) for once :).

And ... she taught me a new technique! Gamsol! She brought one of those paper pens and paper to sharpen it with (and more goodies which I loooove :)), and I got a giant bottle of terpentine (went to an art store, so it's like 1/4 gallon - I think I'm set for life :)) because she couldn't bring it on the plane. I can't believe how good it looks! And I can't believe I've been crafting for so long without discovering it :)! So today I went out and got myself a set of those little paper pens and I'll be sure to play with them in the very near future. Maybe in the 90 minute scramble over on the HA flickr group, which I am going to check out right now, bye!

Love, me

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