zaterdag 4 december 2010

Lookie here! I designed a necklace!

Yesterday was a good day!
I finally got to pick up the necklace I designed with my mom about two months ago.

How did I get to design a necklace, you ask?
Well... my mom has been taking care of her mother for quite some time now, and my grandmother wanted to thank my mom with a nice present. Mom wanted some jewelery, but wanted it to be really special, so it would always remind her of her mother. But she couldn't find the right piece, untill she saw the possibility to design  and make your own necklace or ring with one of our favorite goldsmiths (Wim Meeussen).

This way, mom would have a necklace given to her by her mother, and designed by her daughter (ooh, how sweet :)) I wanted the design to represent me, so I made a paper flower (the one I use on card a lot) as an inspiration. My mom now has a gold version of 'our' necklace, and I have a silver one.

Here are some pictures of the day we designed the necklace
Can you see the swearly patern on the silver? That's what we're trying to cut out here, and twist it into a flower (which is really hard by the way :))
This is the inspiration flower (extra large :)) and three silver flowers we made to play with
When the flowers were finished, they were put into a rubber mold, to make infinite numbers of wax flowers, and with those wax flowers, we designed the necklace

And this is the result! Tadaaaa

What do you think? I loooove it! :)
Thanks for visiting!

6 opmerkingen:

  1. Wow Sarah! Zooooooo prachtig! Dit mogen ze mij ook cadeau geven :) !

  2. wow, this is such a gorgeous design, Saran!! I wish I could do something like this too, so special!!

  3. That is gorgeous, Sarah! And what a wonderful gift!

  4. PRICELESS! Gorgeous design, Sarah! Your mom will LOVE it!

  5. What an incredible gift, Sarah! That necklace is a treasure...I'm sure your mom will cherish it!

  6. How absolutely wonderful! I love how it turned out! Why don't you post a picture with you or your Mom wearing one to show us the scale?