donderdag 2 december 2010

Looking forward to the mailman!

Woohoow, it's thursday evening!
Which means it's almost Friday!

Which means I almost get to see the necklace I made with my mom (more on that later)
And have time to craft on sunday, and I've got an idea in my head for some baby cards (two friends are pregnant, and I always have baby girl cards in stock, but (as these things go), they are both expecting boys, so I really need to get started on those cards!)
And have a day off for all my Christmas shopping on monday

And... if everything goes well, the prize I won on Nancy's blog should show up in the mail some time next week
Along with the absolutely perfect gift I got my mom for Christmas (which I can't tell you about, 'cause she knows about this blog, and I really want it to be a surprise)

Can you tell I'm excited?

Love, me

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