zaterdag 30 oktober 2010

How I got started

I promised I’d share the story of how I got started with the loneliest hobby in Belgium (which isn’t really true, but I’ve got an eye for dramatics :))

One year in college, my boyfriend had a lot of exams to make up during the summer and I had already worked a month (which is the legal maximum as a student here in Belgium). So my boyfriend would be studying (or at least faking it for his mothers sake) during the day, and I would be home alone, with all of my other friends still in bed from partying all night, and I found myself with free time on my hands. A lot of free time. So after reorganising my room three times and reading every book in the house, I decided I needed a hobby. So… Of to the hobby store I was, looking for a new hobby. (At this point I need to redirect the picture in the American readers’ minds: we don’t have hobby lobby’s or Michaels or anything here… imagine a very small store with a bit of everything and nothing in it, then scale that down by factor ten, and you’ve got the right idea).
Candle making? Nope, never use candles.
Jewellery? No, already tried that one and ended up giving necklaces away all the time because I didn’t where jewellery at the time.
FIMO? No, the fridge is still full of all the FIMO dolls, animals and foodstuffs I made when I was a kid.
Card making? Why not? I just need some paper, stamps and glue, right? (I know; I can hear you thinking…how naive was I … you can never have enough stuff when you’re a cardmaker!)

And so the story (read: saga) begins.

Love, me

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Welkom in blogland!!
    Veel blog- en stempelplezier gewenst :)

  2. Gefeliciteerd Sarah! Het kriebelt bij mij ook al een tijdje om met een blog te starten maar ...... gebrek aan tijd :(
    Allezins veel plezier gewenst met je blog en het stempelen!