woensdag 27 oktober 2010

Where do I begin?

So… Why start a blog when you have so precious little time?

Maybe to immortalize the few cards I do make?
Maybe because I somehow ended up with a hobby that hardly anyone knows or does in Europe, and talking to yourself about it can get a bit lonely at times (more on that later by the way)?
Maybe just because I do love my hobby so much I want to show it to the whole world (and feedback is always welcome :)).
Maybe because friends and family can see what I’m doing this way, without me having to physically drag my books with cards everywhere?
Probably… a bit of all of the above

One thing is for certain… I did manage to post at least once on my very own blog!

As one of the reasons for this blog is ‘showcasing’ my cards, I’ll be adding a lot of older ones in the next couple of days, so you all have something more to look at then my ramblings about not having time but starting a blog anyway, but I’ll be back to tell you about how I picked the loneliest hobby in the whole of Belgium… and also why there are little chickens in the background.

Love, me

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  1. This was such a fun story about how you got started =) I can relate to the feeling lonely doing this hobby, I'm also the only one of my friends/family that does this =) But fortunantely the scrapbooking/cardmaking community here in Norway is getting bigger and bigger, and so new scrapbook-stores are popping up from time to time =) Now, if only some of them would start carrying Hero Arts, I would be such a happy crafter =)