dinsdag 29 november 2011

I tried my hand at some masculine cards

But I do admit; I need some practice ;)

At least I managed to stick to masculine colors (not a bit of pink in sight!), right?
They're both quite easy. For the first one, I just drew the lines on some scrap paper, cut them out, and used the pieces as masks for the stamping and also to trace out the shape on the patterned paper. The rest is just me going crazy with a white gell pen :)

The second card is loosely based on one of the stamp sets in Britta's haul video. It's a set with 6 sentiments, all in little frames. Super cute! I love doodling, so I tried my hand at my own little frame. It needs perfecting, but I like it ;) (or at least; I do now...the background of the fox was originally white...too white! So when the card was finished and glued together... I decided to color the background ;). I left the outer edge and the space inside the letter white, to add an accent and to remind me of my sillyness :).

Thanks for stopping by!

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