woensdag 5 januari 2011

Finally get to share...

... what I was working on during the Christmas period.

Remember when I won a prize from Nancy's blog?
Well naturally I wanted to thank her and a friend in the states who sent the package to me.

But... the eternal question... what to get someone who has it all... or atleast... has access to it all :)
Crafting supplies in Belgium are very limited and overpriced compared to the states, and propably not the newest or hippest :) (is that a word by the way?)

So... after a lot of thinking, I decided to make my thank yous in the form of the paper flowers I use on many cards and which inspired the necklace I designed.

Offcourse I got a bit enthousiastic and forgot that those little boogers take a lot of work, but no worries, I conquered them :)

This is the result...

Pink paper with a white core

All of the flowers together

 White paper, coloured lightly with pink copics
All of them together, can you imagine how many circles I cut and twisted :)

 The flowers packaged
 Close up of the packaging

2 opmerkingen:

  1. they are wonderful!!!! it must have taken a long time!! i'm having trouble with my rolled flowers...maybe you could post a tutorial to show us!!!!
    thanks, Michelle

  2. What a wonderful gift - I can't believe how tiny they are! I'm sure they were a big hit with the recipient - well done!