dinsdag 9 november 2010

Just a quick post...

To share a very funny picture...

Or at least, a funny picture for all of you. For us, it took a while to see the humour in it.

Yesterday, my boyfriend came home to take our dog (Boris, almost 6 months old and the new love of my life :)) out for a walk, opened the front door, and saw this...

(sorry for the bad pic, I took it off facebook)
We used to have a nice potted plant in our hallway... until Boris decided it was going to serve as his toy for the day :)

Love, me

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Bless ... Love the Hang-dog expression.

    Our Westie had us in a panic when she was very small ... We had a childproof gate between the kitchen door and the living room. As she was so small we had to thread cardboard through the base of it to stop her slipping between the bars. She didn't chew this thank goodness but I had to nip out and when I returned I couldn't find her ... The Kitchen had a built in wine rack ... as you can imagine the space between each shelf wasn't very big but for some reason she decided to go into the bottom rack, she managed to turn around (how I don't know) and then wedged herself ... all you could see was her little head poking out ... never took a photo as I was in too much of a panic ... I had to get my hand around her bum and force her out ... she wasn't hurt but the wine rack never recovered ... she'd chewed it.

    Funny she never chewed shoes or that cardboard but she did like the Pine table legs ... we had to wrap cloth around then and spread mustard over the top layer to stop her lol!

    I can just imagine the fun you're going to have as he gets older lol!

    Suze x

  2. Thanks for sharing your story Suze! It's funny how they just need to look at you theright way and you forgive them anything, isn't it :)

  3. Heh heh! This is why they invented portable kennels! [we call them bungalows though, because our kids like that name better!!] I can't even imagine what our place would look like if we left our 4, 50+ lb dogs loose while we were away...