zaterdag 6 november 2010


Exept for them being so darn cute...there is an extra reason why these little yellow fluffballs are in the background of my blog. In Dutch, my last name sounds exactly like the word for chicklets. It is written completely different, and has nothing to do with them (it's actually derived from the name of a river), but I'm still stuck with it :)

But... there are worse animals to have as a last name aren't there? I could have been born Sarah Warthog, or Sarah Turantula :). Anyway, having the name makes me buy things with little chickens, such as one of the cutest stamps ever! And this one loves carrying presents!

Love, me

1 opmerking:

  1. I love your fun little corner of the blogworld, Sarah! Loving those adorable "chicklets" too. Those cards have to be the most charming I've seen in a while, great idea to reposition the arms on the first one, too clever!
    Enjoy your blog...I will look forward to visiting often.