maandag 20 mei 2013

Yes yes, I know

I haven't been particularly active here. Let's just say that life got in the way.
I made they cards ages ago, but it took me weeks (literally) to find a time during the day to take a picture, and then it took me another couple of weeks to upload them. But it'll have to do ;)

Remember I got inktense pencils for Christmas? This is some more experimenting with them

First up: a more adult subdued version.  only picked up color at the start of the leaf and used that to color the whole thing.

And next : a more wild and out there version :) This one uses most of the colors in the box, in lots of layers to get the vivid color. The line on the side was meant to go all around the card, but I liked and this way and stopped (which is a hard thing to do - as most of you know :)). The border is done with one of those gold pens of which you need to push the tips in order to get the ink running and that are always available around Xmas time - but the red sparkly version :)).

Thanks for remembering I'm alive!

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