donderdag 26 januari 2012

Two more...

These are the two more of the cards I made this weekend.

A simple sympathy card ('sterkte' means 'strength'). Have you noticed I love doodeling ;)

And this second one is a remake of one I made earlier, but I sold it, and kind of missed it (sometimes it's hard to say goodbye to a card... :-)). I did make it a baby card this time because I didn't have any anymore, and these rainbow colours really are perfect for multiple sex baby cards.

Thanks for stopping by!

3 opmerkingen:

  1. heeey, heb je die tekst "sterkte" zelf geschreven? wat mooi! moet ik ook eens proberen, maar mijn handschrift is niet zo geweldig :)

    1. Ja dat is zelf geschreven. Gewoon oefenen met potlood en je tijd nemen :)