zaterdag 31 december 2011

I'm soooooooooo proud!

I actually organized something in my craft room!

In our appartment, I used the spare bedroom to craft (advantage = it had a door... so all my clutter was gone in an instant!). But in our house, we have a desk on the landing (kind of), which means it's always visible when we come up the stairs. Not that I really took that into account, because I always left my mess out, but last week, it finally became too much.

Sooo... I took this little cabinet I had, cut out a bunch of letters on my cuttlebug and glued them on (they're intentially uneven by the way, because the letter set I have doesn't have all the letters in the same size, so it always looks a bit mismatched) and put it within arms reach.


The bottom two drawers are missing because they're still being used on top of my desk to store my clear stamps and some paper. I still need to find a solution there... :)

To show you the results of this organization on my desk, I found some pictures the photographer at our wedding took. (nobody was up there expet for me, mom and the photographer, so I din't bother (read; dindn't have time) to clear away my crafting supplies.

So now you kind of know what it looked like before... this is the after... tadaa!
 See, there's desk space. Didn't expect that did ya :)

Oh, and to make your visit to my blog worth the effort (and as a reward for making it all the way down here), here's a card I made on my newly organized desk.
Thanks for stopping by!

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