vrijdag 11 november 2011

soccer results

A.K.A. the cards I made while Jelle was out to the soccer game. You knows those cards that look really simple but took you the longest time to make? Well the following card was one of those. I found those tags in my stash and decided to make a simple card with them.

Obstable one: I look on the back of the package and see they use a special tag maker to make them.
Solution one (and I really like this one :)): Stuff it in the cuttlebug and the ring will also be closed at the back (works a treat by the way, I really like solutions that allow me to not buy extra tools (I like spending my money on stamps and paper ;)).

Obstacle two: I'd only picked the tag and the stamped image and the paterened paper...it was way too simple
Solution two: Add the ribbon and the background stamp (actually these were two different steps, but Ididn't want to bore you with the details :)).

I'm still not a big fan of the card, but I wanted to share it because of my cuttlebug discovery and because I think the tag + ribbon looks a bit like a christmas ornament... and I might just be doing something with that idea sometime soon ;)

Anyway. Enough talking, here it is ;)

And once this tough card was out of my system, my head (and hands) were free enough to make this card

Thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. Adorable cards, Sarah! You are always so innovative with your designs. The tag on the birthday card is really special. And I love the birds in the tree...really love that stitch detail.