woensdag 5 oktober 2011

I love soccer...

Want to know why?
My boyfriend ...euhm... sorry, (have to get used to writing this) husband goes to every match of his team, which means I have some alone time (well kind of alone, Kasper, our dog, keeps me company) to craft! And this is what I came up with this week. Looking at the three of them, I think I can conclude I was in a CAS mood :). The butterfly and tree stamps are some I got at Michaels during my trip to the States last spring. They were in the 1$ bin. Gotta love it :)

This is the first one I made (that sentiment is from the 1$ bin as well by the way)

Then I got out these trees, and since I don't have 5 colors that look somewhat realistic for trees, I went for the one of a kind sentiment from HA :)

While cutting out those trees, my eye fell on my circle punch, which is roughly the same size as the foliage on the tree stamp, so in this third card I just cut out the tree trunks and punched out some pretty paterned paper. Easy breazy :)
Thanks for stopping by!
Love, me

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