woensdag 13 juli 2011

busy times

So...I've been a tiny bit absent lately, did you notice? (I had a hard time clearing away the tumble weeds when I got back :)).

It's been busy times ten these last months. As you know, we're geting married in september, and that takes a lot of preparation (especially if you only decide to take the plunge in april :)). We also went to the States for three weeks (got back this weekend) as sort of a pre wedding honeymoon (we kind of decided on the trip before we decided on the wedding, and two three week vacations don't go well with our budget). The trip was absolutely fantastic. I'd go back in a flash! And I actually managed to control myself in the art supply stores (well actually, I planned to go to one at our last stop (San Fransisco), but we didn't have our rental car there anymore, and the stores I could find in the internet weren't in the centre, so I had to 'settle' for general art stores in stead of scrapbook stores. I guess my wallet isn't complaining :)

But, I did get some goodies, and I decided to 'feature' all of them on my blog. So here is the first card I made (in a loooong time) with two of the stamp sets; one with kids quotes and one with monsters (both by inkadinkado).

This is only part of the quote. The inside of the card says 'is a friend who has chocolate'. I made this for one of my former colleagues. Which brings me to one other reason it's been super busy around here... I'm changing jobs. Monday was my last day at my last job, and I'm starting a new one next monday. And to top it all off, we got our new puppy this sunday. And even though I already love him to bits, raising a puppy can be quite exhausting. Isn't he cute?

So, that's about it in my life for now, how's yours? :)
Love, me

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