zaterdag 5 maart 2011

Finally had some time to play again

As you might have noticed from the lack of posts here, I've been busy ;)

But I finally made some time to craft this afternoon (I kind of had to, I've been wanting to invite my parents and parents in law over for dinner, so I needed some invitations)

Can you tell I'm still addicted to rolled flowers :) ?

I absolutely love this background stamp by the way. Tone on tone it can be very subtle and elegant, but black on white like on these cards, it's really striking.

On a totally different note - We made some 'big' decisions this week. We decided to get a new puppy and to go to California before we get him (I'm sooo bringing an empty suitcase so I can clean all those craft stores right out :))!! I'm soooo looking forward to both!

Gotta go, thanks for stopping by!
Love, me

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