maandag 21 februari 2011


Sorry I've been gone so long; things have been busy, and not all in a good way.

Thursday the 10th we lost our sweet little puppy Boris. It turned out he had a problem with his heart (that we didn't know about). Jelle went to take him for his morning walk and found him dead in his bench, he died in his sleep. We loved that little furry guy and his quirky ways to bits, and really miss him.

And then on Sunday we went on holiday to Tenerife. We were supposed to go to Egypt, but a burning man in Tunis decided otherwise…

Still, we had a really nice time, and were glad to be out of our (now very) empty and quit house.

I did manage to make one more card before we left on holiday, but haven’t had a chance to upload it yet, so you’ll see it soon ;)

Love, me

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