woensdag 29 december 2010

Needed one more present....

We're celebrating new year's eve at my sister in law's with a couple of friends. Even though we're taking care of appetisers and the starter, we can't arrive empty handed, now can we?

So I combined a small gift (a really cute set of candlelight holders that can be arranged as a train in any shape you want) with something crafty I've been wanting to try: decorating candles.

I made six 'basic' ones, two silly ones and then four with snowmen; each depicting a member of their family (I put their names on there aswell, just so they'd see right away that it's them, and that I made the candles :))

I hope they like them!

Arranged in a circle

Or in an S

The 'more designed' candles :)

The family

Youngest son Thymen

Dad Tom

Mom Meg

And last but not least; my favorite (my godson :)) Matan
Thanks for visiting!
Love, me

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  1. Zeer leuk geschenkje! Veel plezier op Oudejaarsavond en de beste wensen voor 2011!