zondag 14 november 2010


I finally had some time to play this weekend!

My dad's been in hospital for 10 days now, and my mom is on the other side of the world (Myanmar) so that leaves me to take care of him / his house / visiting daily / etc. which can be very tiring (you know how men are when they're sick, don't you...)

But yesterday my boyfriend was of to a soccer game, I took Boris up to my craft room and had about two hours all to myself... ah... how happy those little things can make  me :)

Anyway... A friend asked me to make some cards for her, and I felt like making flowers yesterday, so this is what happened

Orange flowers...

 Purpe/pink flowers in mulberry paper (pink and purple stuck together)  - outside
 And the inside
These flowers are made with the same pink and purple mulberry paper, but twisted with the purple paper on the outside to make the pink stand out more.

Taking my puppy upstairs with my wasn't the brightest idea I had by the way. He started snuggling up at my feet just as I was putting this card through the cutllebug, so the frame isn't very straight or centered,... but that's the charme of handmade, right?
 And the inside
Thanks for visiting!
Love, me

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